Sunday, 15 January 2017

My Future Plan

I was born on December 2000 healthily.  My mom and dad named me Naura Salsabyla and hoped that I will become someone happy, healthy, kind, smart, and great. I also hope their wishes will come true eventually, because I have obtained the happy and healthy part. Influenza and stomachaches doesn’t count as an illness because It’s something caused by myself. I came from a loving family, and I’m the only child they have. Money isn’t something that’s really hard to earn by my parents, but it’s not that I can waste it carelessly. It’s just when I’m in need of something, then my parents can give me the thing. But if I want something that won’t help my education, then I have to save my own money. So I know how to save and value money.

I entered the preschool at the age of 3. At that age, I've already read and wrote. In 2006 I got into Krida Nusantara Elementary School. I joined the swimming club and table tennis club. I also take music (vocal, violin, piano, keyboard) and drawing lessons outside the school. I've participated in many competition and music concerts. I also won some medals from swimming and trophies from other competitions. I continued studying at SMPN 5 Bandung as RSBI student. I have to take lessons and exams using two languages, Indonesia and English. I started an accoustic group with my junior high school friends. The school believed in me and let me become the vice president of student council. I graduated from there and enrolled to SMAN 3 Bandung. I tried taking acceleration class test and got in. I don’t really regret being here at this point (even though it’s really hard studying under such heavy pressure with so many subjects and short time, despite the good friends and good atmosphere), because at one point I also wanted to try and challenge myself by getting into this special class.

Now I’m in the third phase of my high school year. And this phase will determine my future. I always think about what I will become later in the future. Being in the field as a technician has always been my dream. I’ve taken many other lessons (swimming, vocal, violin, drawing, etc) and that makes me realize that I don’t want to be someone who works at that kind of fields. Those are just my hobbies. And I want to find my real passion. The field that will still be burning fire in my heart after years of studying and diving into it. My dad once said that Allah has set the paths for me to choose. I'll just have to try opening some doors that leads to the right way. And because we only live the life once, we have to live to the fullest. He said that it doesn't matter if I come out as a doctor, a singer, an architect, or whatever I want to be. Just be honest to yourself, he said. But be responsible of your own choice and be careful on your way to success. So then I follow my heart. I've found my vision of my future course. I’ve been searching about it, adjusting the course with my passion and my vision. Lajur Misi event has helped me clearing my choice. I would love to work in the field of civil engineering or ocean engineering. In order to reach my dream, I have to choose the right university. I’m now preparing to get into FTSL ITB. I also plan on taking double degree for architecture UNPAR.

The next step that I’ll take is to study abroad. MIT, Cambridge university, or maybe Holland, because it’s known for the great architecture and civil engineering. I'll also take business management class. I'm thinking about continuing my study abroad because I've already know the good feeling and the great atmosphere to study there. In my second year of junior high I went to UK in a student immersion program from my school. I studied, lived, and interacted with new people in strange language and strange place, far away from Indonesia. Lessons of life are not only can be obtained from school. Experience can be a good life teacher too. So I brace myself and be prepared for my future, so that I'm ready to take a change and new challenges whenever I have to. I also have dreamt of living in New York since I was a kid. I really am in love with the classy metropolitan atmosphere in New York city. So then I plan to get a scholarship until my doctoral in US or UK. Getting into an oil company is also my dream. It makes huge money, pays our skills and hardwork well. But of course, I will return to my beloved country. After receiving many knowledge and experience I will be applying them here and make Indonesia becomes a better place. 

Not because I stated about money and wealth that I define success as only that. For me, success is when I feel happy and contented after all the hardwork fulfilling my dreams. My father is a huge inspiration to me. Without him I wouldn't have figured out who I want to be. My dad works in electrical engineering field, but he knows many things. He teaches me about plantation and animal husbandry too. My mom always accompany me. She is the one who always motivates me and pushes me to do my best in everything. My parents have made me who I am today. Making my parents proud and happy is also in my list of dreams. I want to help making my parents's plantation become larger and being well known in the world.

I want to marry at the age of 27, because I think that’s the perfect age for me to start a family of my own. At that age I will’ve finished my doctoral and will have found a good workplace son I can feed my family. I want to settle at a nice, cool, and chilly place in Indonesia. Surrounded by green plants and a warm pool. Having two children, a boy as the big brother and a girl as the little sister, because I think they may be lonely if they’re alone like me. Ah, I also want a nice white car plus a pair of cute cats. My parents said they don’t want to live with me, so I will visit them from time to time, bringing my whole squad to my old, homy, and sweet home at Cipadung.

Monday, 7 November 2016

Discussion Text - Argument

  1. 1.      Definition of Discussion
Discussion is a text which present a problematic discourse. This problem will be discussed from different viewpoints. Discussion is commonly found in philosophical, historic, and social text.
  1. 2.      Generic Structure of Discussion
  • Statement of issue; stating the issue which is to discussed
  • List of supporting points; presenting the point in in supporting the presented issue
  • List of contrastive point; presenting other points which disagree to the supporting point
  • Recommendation; stating the writer’ recommendation of the discourse
  1. 3.      Language Feature of Discussion
  • Introducing category or generic participant
  • Using thinking verb; feel, hope, believe, etc
  • Using additive, contrastive, and causal connection; similarly, on the hand, however, etc
  • Using modalities; must, should, could, may, etc
  • Using adverbial of manner; deliberately, hopefully, etc

A six-hour workday could be good for you -- and your employer 
By Susie East, CNN 
Updated 1501 GMT (2301 HKT) November 4, 2016 

Story highlights 
· A Swedish trial found workers are healthier and more productive when working six-hour days
· Studies show that overworking could increase the risk of coronary heart disease by 40%

(Statement of Issue)
(CNN) It may sound counterintuitive, but working less could actually result in higher productivity. Seriously. 

(Supporting and Contrastive Points)
Although many of us continue the tradition of working at least eight hours per day, with an hour's break in the middle -- if we're lucky -- a recent study found that productivity is actually highest when people spend fewer hours working, according to researchers at the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, which examined working hours in several countries over a period of 22 years. 

Are you addicted to work? 
In fact, one paper (PDF) suggested that output actually starts to fall if people work more than 48 hours per week. Data on munition plant workers in Britain during World War I showed that long hours led to fatigue and stress that not only reduce productivity, they make accidents, errors and sickness more likely. 

A hundred years later, we're still facing the same issues. Today, working overtime has been linked (PDF) to higher rates of injury, illness, weight gain, alcohol use and smoking and, in general, an increased risk of mortality. One study found that putting in long hours could result in a 40% higher likelihood of coronary heart disease, compared with people who work standard hours. 

Reducing our working hours could, therefore, make a huge difference to our health and well-being, in turn enabling us to work more efficiently. In Sweden, this theory is being put to the test -- with promising results. 

Stress-free in Sweden 
In the Svartedalen elderly care home in Gothenburg, 68 nurses are working six-hour shifts in a22-month trial (PDF) led by researchers at Pacta Guideline, a consultancy company for the public sector in Sweden. The nurses have been working these hours since February 2015. 

The researchers are monitoring the nurses' health and productivity and comparing this against a control group working in a similar facility which is clocking in 38-hour weeks. 

The city of Gothenburg decided to run the trial in 2014 to learn what reduced working hours could mean for the country's economy and job market, as well as the effects they could have on employees and, in this case, the elderly residents they were looking after. 

10 cities with the shortest working hours 
"The nurses in the trial have better health," said Bengt Lorentzon, a researcher on the project. "They are all much calmer and more alert." 

After 18 months of working these six-hour days, 77% of nurses reported good health -- compared with 49% in the control group -- and members of the trial group have taken almost three times fewer sick days. 

Being in good health is especially important when it comes to care work, Lorentzon says. For these nurses, this involves feeding the elderly, taking them for walks and building caring relationships. This is more effective if the nurses are there regularly and not taking time off because of illness or stress, as they can build a rapport with their clients, which is especially helpful when caring for people with dementia. 

Less stress, more productivity 
In addition to less sickness, the nurses working shorter days have been getting a lot more done, according to the report, providing 80% more activities for the elderly than the control group. This includes things like comforting them, singing, dancing and playing games with them. 

"This is connected to the assistant nurses feeling in better health, more alert,and less stressed, and in that situation, it's possible to take the initiative to do activities," Lorentzon said. 

How to stop city life from stressing you out 
Despite these benefits, there's still the question of whether this idea makes financial sense. 

The Svartedalen nursing home hired 17 extra nurses to ensure that the facility was properly staffed throughout the week, as reduced hours led to gaps in the care schedule. So far, the trial has cost $1.1 million, but according to the study, the addition of 17 jobs to the labor market has reduced the state's unemployment costs by $530,000. 

"This is a political issue," Lorentzon said. "There's a lot of tension: Some political parties are against it; some parties would like to enlarge the trial." 

A four-day workweek could be hazardous to your health 
David Spencer, professor of economics and political economy at the University of Leeds in the UK, notes that the trial in Sweden is small in scale and focuses only on a particular sector, but he says it could be replicated in other sectors. 

"Employers may baulk at the short-run costs of reducing work hours, but they could stand to gain along with their workers from the implementation of shorter work hour schemes. The degree to which experiments like this one can be replicated elsewhere will depend on the progressive outlook of employers and of state and national governments," Spencer wrote in an email. 

It's a contentious issue, and companies rolling out reduced working hours are certainly in the minority -- but they do exist. Toyota centers in Gothenburg switched to a six-hour workday 14 years ago and reported higher profits and happier staff. Some companies in the UK are following suit, such as Agent Marketing in Liverpool and accounting firm Bright Horizon Cloud in Dorset. 

Working in 'sprints' 
Senshi Digital, a tourism agency based in Glasgow, Scotland, began experimenting with the six-hour workday in March after the company director, Chris Torres, watched an ITV documentary about reduced work hours. Inspired, he walked into the office a few days later and announced that it would try the new hours. 

We can't avoid stress, but here's how to manage it 06:42 

"You should have seen the look on some of the staff's faces. They couldn't believe it," Torres said. 

"They come in at 9:30 a.m. and finish at 3:30 p.m. ... They get paid the same amount as if they're doing an eight-hour day. In fact, most of them have had wage rises since we've implemented it," he said. 

His staff members also have a 30-minute lunch break, but their day is far more structured than it used to be. They work in 45-minute "sprints" with five-minute breaks and announce at the start and end of the day what they've achieved in the time. 

Despite the shorter hours, productivity has spiked. Torres adds that projects that used to take two or three months are now completed in one or two. 

"You've got to work a little harder, stay a bit more focused," Torres said. "There's less chat when they're doing the 45-minute sprints ... so I suppose the studio doesn't have quite the buzz it used to. But at the end of the day, we all go out and have more lunches and dinners together. 

"I take my daughter to school in the morning, which I never used to do. ... (After work), I help her out with homework, I feed my boy -- and I look at the clock, and before I know it, it's only just gone 5 o'clock." 

For Torres and his team, the six-hour workday seems to have been a success, boosting cash flow and enabling the company to take on more projects -- but this is a small business with 10 employees, and Torres has heard plenty of arguments against it. 

"I've heard people say it would never work for this industry or that industry. I always say, just trial it." 

It might be time to have a word with your boss.

In my opinion as a student, this 6 hour workday is an effective way to avoid stressful life in the city. It makes the sprints hours of work become more productive and people got more focused. This system can also be implemented in school. We can start school at 8 and go home at 2 in the afternoon. Scientists also said that human's brain start functioning at 10 o'clock. So at least we still have an additional hours in the morning to enjoy life. We will have time to do our homework, socialize, learning things, doing hobbies, gather with family, and still go to bed not later than 10 o'clock. This can improve one's mood to study and help students to reach a better future. Students will be more focused in the quick hours of study with little breaks at a time. Same thing will also affect the teachers and other components in the school. Teachers will not be stressing over an exam paper late at night, and they can also be relaxed with their family.

Online Based Transportation Shut Down Conventional Transportation

People in the world are moving toward future through globalization. Everything in our life has gone online because the internet has been invented. Internet connects us all in the world and makes things in life easier. No exception for transportation. For all we knew, online based transportation nowadays is popular in Indonesia. Many people are helped because of the new convenient system of using transportation, and there are also people who prefer choosing conventional transportation. I think that both of them can choose anything they like, because online transportation does not stop nor shutting down conventional transportation.

Conventional transportation has been used for many years before people know online based transportation exist. Even though online based transportation is preferred, we still need conventional transportation to move many people at once, such as trains or busses. They only need to upgrade their technology so they can cope into the new online system.

Online is only a much simpler way of booking a transportation to travel. It does not bother conventional transportation, nor shut them down. The new system will help Indonesian people moving toward a better future, not being caged in the same way old thinking. They will walk hand in hand and cooperate.

The new system will encourage the conventional transportation  to go online. And little by little, everyone in Indonesia will start using the online system of transportation. And Indonesia will become a better country for the future.

Trivia Questions about Book Review: Hex Hall

Who wrote this novel?
a. John Green
b. Rachel Hawkins
c. John Irving

Sophia's roommate Jenna is a what?
a. A Vampire.
b. A shapeshifter
c. A Fairy

What gets Sophie sent to Hex Hall?
a. An epic failure of a love spell.
b. Killed her teacher
c. Sent someone's car flying all the way to China

Who was the girl that got killed in Hex hall before Sophie got into the school?
a. Elodie
b. Holly
c. Anna

Who does Archer betrothed to?
a. Jenna
b. Elodie
c. Holly.

Which of Sophie's parents is the head of The Council?
a. Her mother
b. Her Father.
c. No one

Who is the guy that Sophie is attracted to?
a. Archer Cross.
b. Cal
c. Vandy

Sophie's vampire roommate Jenna isn't attracted to Archer. Why not?
a. Because she is a lesbian.
b. She loves animal
c. She is a nun

Who is behind the mysterious attacks going on at Hex Hall?
a. The teachers
b. The white witches group who calles Alice
c. Outsiders

In the book Hex Hall by Rachel Hawkins, what did Sophie do to Elodie's ballgown?
a. She put magic glitters
b. She cut it into exactly 66 pieces
c. She sprinkled some soil from her grandmother’s grave.

In the book Hex Hall by Rachel Hawkins, what sort of detention did Sophie Mercer and Archer Cross get punished with three times a week?
a. They got to clean the underground library
b. They have to clean the garden
c. They have to mop the hallway

In Hex Hall by Rachel Hawkins, what is Jenna's favorite color?
a. Blue, soft blue
b. Pink, hot, electric pink.
c. Pitch black

Who is the headmistress of the school?
a. Vandy
b. Holly
c. Mrs. Cassnoff.

In Hex Hall by Rachel Hawkins, who is Cal?
a. The headmaster
b. A handsome gardener and a skilled healer.
c. The chef

What is Sophie?
a. A demon.
b. A fairy
c. A Witch

Who ended up having cellar duty with Sophie?
a. Cal
b. Elodie
c. Archer Cross.

In Hex Hall, by Rachel Hawkins, who is Alice?
a. Sophie's cousin from Atlanta
b. Sophie’s grandmother’s ghost.
c. Sophie's roommate

Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Do It Yourself: Crayon Colored Candles

Hey guys! Today I want to share something new. It’s a DIY to decorate your room and make it prettier. These crayon candles will do! I'm inspired after watching a video from channel youtube: man vs pinterest. I also posted this diy video in my youtube channel. Please do watch it!

All you need is:

1. Wax crayon
2. White Candles with fuses
3. Pretty transparent candleholders/ small glasses
4. Glitters or aromatheraphy (optional)
5. Knife, saucers, oven, spoon, cuttingboard

Then let’s get started!

  1. The first step is to peel the paper off your crayons. You can either use an x-acto knife or soak the crayons in water for easy peeling.
  2. Crush the candles and take its fuse
  3. Put the fuse inside (in the middle of) the glass
  4. Mix the crayons and a crayon in one of the saucers and put it to a microwave (150 degrees for 10 min)
  5. Add aromatheraphy or glitters in this step, and stir it well
  6. Pour the solution into the glass and let it cool down
  7. Do the same for the other colours and make some layers of candles with different color
  8. Voila! The crayon colored candles are done and ready to be lit!

Tuesday, 20 September 2016

A Cover Letter for Applying Job

Job Vacancy Info:

Recruiter:  Energi People
Location: New York
Salary: £40000 - £50000 per annum
Posted: 19 Sep 2016
Closes: 17 Oct 2016
Ref: KWSCE5977
Contact: Kirstie Webb
Sector Structural civil engineering jobs
Function: Site Surveyor
Contract Type: Permanent
Hours: Full Time

Naura Salsabyla
Senior Civil Engineer
New York
United States of America

Dear Ms Kristie,
Are you looking for someone that is motivated and eager to make things better? If so, we should talk.

As a recent Masters graduate of Civil Engineering and Business Management at the MIT, I was drawn towards job vacancy  which was advertised on your Website and am applying in respect to this company. On further exploration of your company, I was captivated by your continual drive to provide innovative solutions to societies’ need and the recognition you have received over the years. I see Energi People as a platform which is important for development of my career, where I can apply my business knowledge coupled with my engineering background to add value to your company.

My coursework and experience at ICE for over a year improved my critical thinking ability. I also have positive attitude towards work and have good interpersonal skills, so that I can communicate with others nicely. I can speak English, Deutsch, and Indonesian as my main language fluently. I have the basic technical skills that’s needed. I can use AutoCad, Staad Pro, Corel, Photoshop, and Ms. Office. These skills I have developed will be essential for me to function effectively in Energi People.

Moreover, my academic background in Civil Engineering provided an opportunity for developing my analytical and problem solving skills. This fuelled my desire to explore problems and take up new challenges. I have also demonstrated organisational and leadership skills through my role as the head of the council during my junior high school.

Finally, I believe that my skills and experience makes me suitable for this role and I would love the opportunity to work for you. Thank you for considering my application. Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Best Regards,

Naura Salsabyla

And here's the link for my testimonial video: 11 - Naura Salsabyla - Acceleration 14 - SMAN 3 Bandung

Monday, 8 August 2016

Book Review: Hex Hall

Title: Hex Hall
Writer: Rachel Hawkins
Translated by: Dina Begum
Publisher: Hyperion Book CH (US) / Simon and Schuster Children (UK) / Fantasious, PT. Ufuk Publishing House (Indonesia)
Publication date: March 2/ April 1 2010, August 2014 (Indonesia)
Hardcover: 336 pages (US) / Paperback: 336 pages
Stand alone or series: First book in trilogy (#2 Demon Glass, #3 Spell Bound)

Three years ago, Sophie Mercer discovered that she was a witch. It's gotten her into a few scrapes. Her non-gifted mother has been as supportive as possible, consulting Sophie's estranged father-an elusive European warlock-only when necessary. But when Sophie attracts too much human attention for a prom-night spell gone horribly wrong, it's her dad who decides her punishment: exile to Hex Hall, an isolated reform school for wayward Prodigium, a.k.a. witches, faeries, and shapeshifters.

By the end of her first day among fellow freak-teens, Sophie has quite a scorecard: three powerful enemies who look like supermodels, a futile crush on a gorgeous warlock, a creepy tagalong ghost, and a new roommate who happens to be the most hated person and only vampire on campus. Worse, Sophie soon learns that a mysterious predator has been attacking students, and her only friend is the number-one suspect.

As a series of blood-curdling mysteries starts to converge, Sophie prepares for the biggest threat of all: an ancient secret society determined to destroy all Prodigium, 
especially her.
Why did I read this book
I was searching for stationeries in a bookstore, right when I was walking past novel section, this book had me captivated by its cover and the interesting synopsis. It makes want to read the novel. I’m interested in fantasy + romance novels (of course including high school stories, witches, magic, and fairies).

This book is totally awesome. I don’t judge books by their cover, because like I said before, the story line is what makes me want to buy this novel. After reading the novel I’m craving for more. The mysteries that arose in the first novel aren’t solved yet. I need more drama! But sadly I haven’t got the chance to buy another novel of this trilogy. I’m willing to read them when I got the chance to.

At first I thought Hex Hall was going to be a funny, light, mindless read. I espected that this novel was just an easy to read, highschool romance plus some magic and all that. And in the first chapters, that’s what I found. But suddenly the story got darker and richer with mysteries that happen around the heroine. She slowly searched and found the truth about the magic, the school, her friends, her family, or even herself, even though it’s not all finishes in one book. After a while, those parameters changed as Hex Hall proved to be something altogether different, a darker story than I expected and much, much better than what I expected it to be.

This fantasy novel is about a reform school where werewolves, fairies, witches, and warlocks roam -- and some not-so-friendly ghosts and demons. Whenever the ghosts and demons appear, this quixotic tale quickly becomes dark and eerie. This book is the first in a series featuring a witty, powerful main character who makes the right decisions, even when they're difficult.

The main character of this novel is Sophie Mercer. She’s the truest heroine of the story. Sophie is an awesome protagonist.  She is so funny and snarky.  She has a comeback for everything, and her dialog is full of witty sarcasm.  She is a witch with an attitude and I loved her.  There are a lot of layers to Sophie’s character and as the story unfolds you get to see so many sides of her.  She has insecurities like any young girl, and she can be emotional. But she also speaks her mind and sticks up for those she cares about.  She was such an easy character to like and I loved being inside her head. And that’s exactly what I love in a main character.

Sophie Mercer is a witch and has been since she was 12 years old.  Her parents broke up before she was born and her mom never let her meet her dad.  Her magic comes from her father, he’s a warlock and her mother is human.  Sophie has never really stayed in one place for long.  She has lived in 19 different states and gone to many different schools.  She always seems to get herself in trouble and when that happens her and her mom just pack up and move.   Her last mistake (which was a love spell gone wrong) lands her in Hecate Hall.  A school for all different prodigium that can’t fit into normal society, and can’t afford a private school.

Sophie Mercer is also the kind of witch to alienate the supernatural outcasts in a reform school on her first day, thus finding herself a freak among the freaks. The attractive bad boy laughs at her. The popular girl clique hates her. The fairies think themselves above her. The Vampire roommate is okay, when she isn't trying to eat her. As for the rest? They despise her. Oh, and the teachers aren't her biggest fans, either.

This was such a fun read for me. Laced with mystery, adventure and adorable romance. This is the type of book that I like to read, and it was impossible to put down! The pacing is great and there are some big twists that I wasn’t expecting. The characters are very engaging and fun to get to know.  The story is fun and entertaining.  I loved this book and I know the rest of the series is going to be great. And if you think that this book would just be the same with the typical fantasy books, then you’re wrong. Rachel Hawkins brings a new vision and much fresher ideas about witches and magic. I would highly recommend this to anyone that enjoys a fun paranormal book that is an easy light read.

Rachel Hawkins' first novel is both enchanting and engaging. Readers will be swept up in the fantasy details immediately: At Hecate Hall, furniture changes form, werewolves prowl the courtyard, and fairies float by elegantly (and a little arrogantly) on iridescent wings. And the creativity continues throughout Sophie's story. Her clever first-person narration, as well as the authentic dialogue between teen characters, makes the book fun and accessible. Readers will quickly be simply spellbound by this first novel -- and be excited to continue this magical story in the sequel, Demonglass.